PRIZE LIST 2022/2023


Time To Repair DEMAIN

5 December 2022/by Sergio

The daily routine with the rhythm of the seasons, by BENEDICTE Switzerland: Cleansing Foam Belle en Toutes Saisons & Care Cream Belle en Hiver All in 1 (day, night, serum, eye contour, healthy look) BENEDICTE SWITZERLAND

6 February 2023/by Sergio

Silk Exfoliating Glove SATINÉE

20 February 2023/by Sergio

The Glow-Pack SKIN GLOW UP

17 March 2023/by Sergio

Regenerating night oil and Relaxing massage oil HEKKA

7 November 2022/by Sergio

After Sun Milk & Sunscreens SCIENCE

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Fresh Hydrating Gel IOMA

8 February 2023/by Sergio

Corrective Serum PLACENTOR

8 February 2023/by Sergio

Solid Conditioner, Make-up Remover and Deodorant CARREFOUR SOFT GREEN

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Huile Universelle de Surgras CAVAILLÈS

7 November 2022/by Sergio

Biosalines Exfoliating Oil with Fleur de Sel from l’Île de Ré

30 January 2023/by Sergio

Perfecting Lotion 4 in 1 BCOMBIO

8 February 2023/by Sergio

The Youthful & Radiance Magic Powder and the Bi-phase Serum Radiance & Youth L’Appel de la Forêt LABORATOIRE GARANCIA

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Supreme Regenerating Night Cream LABORATOIRE GARANCIA

8 February 2023/by Sergio

Summer Range La Rosée

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Anti-wrinkle Active Serum BCOMBIO

8 February 2023/by Sergio

Flawless Serum HARVEST 10

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Hydrating Shower Gel Sunny Escape SKIN SYSTÈME BATH & BODY MARIONNAUD

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Organic Intense Serum Hive Royal Bee-Lift PHYTO-ABEILLESSENCE

17 February 2023/by Sergio


12 January 2023/by Sergio

Peach-Mango and Shea-Vanilla Nutrition & Repair Range NECTAR OF BEAUTY

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Hydrating Day Cream, White Clay Mask, Eye Contour Moisturizer and Hydratant Moisturizing Serum

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Marine Collagen Vital Proteins

28 November 2022/by Sergio


25 January 2023/by Sergio

Restoring & Soothing Cream CONDENSÉ PARIS

14 December 2022/by Sergio

Essential Care Balm FOSSETTE PARIS

12 January 2023/by Sergio

Probiotic Botanical Essence 75ml & Probiotic Hydra-Plumping Cream 50ml

12 January 2023/by Sergio


20 January 2023/by Sergio

Novaé Provence

12 January 2023/by Sergio

The Essentials AGGAPI

16 January 2023/by Sergio

Perfuming gel & intimate cleansing foam MUSC INTIME

14 November 2022/by Sergio

High Protection Sun Spray SPF 50 & SPF 200 ml ONISIS

19 December 2022/by Sergio